About PWR.8 Studio

PWR.8 Studio is balance and health. Power House is presence and well-being. PWR.8 Studio is for everyone who wants to keep their body healthy, strong and happy throughout life.

PWR.8 Studio was created to focus on the body as a whole. We’re big enough to have something for everyone — but we’re small enough to remember your name. Here, we motivate each other with each other. With us, you get much more than a membership you never use. We see you. And our biggest ambition is to make sure you get the most out of your workout and get to know your body better than ever before. 

For far too long has training been something that we just have to get done. But what if we started to see training as something that should actually be fun? The Danish culture where the common good is prioritized is a great inspiration for PWR.8 Studio. Every day we do our utmost to fill our two Copenhagen studios with as much positivity and joy as we can, so that you can’t avoid leaving our studios feeling happy. 

True, we are responsible for our own bodies — but at PWR.8 Studio, we know that it is far more fun to be fit and healthy together. Our members train with us because they want to keep their bodies strong and healthy throughout their lives. We put more focus on inner well-being than any visual exterior. And what all PWR.8 Studio members have in common is that they have made an active choice to keep their bodies fit and in balance.

At PWR.8 Studio we offer everything from functional strength and cardio training, to yoga and mobility training. We have something for everyone: Peak Pilates Reformer, a central part of our training program, is for those who are up for Pilates-based resistance training. For those looking for a unique cardio and strength workout we have Burn & Build, or even PowerBurn which is our sweat-guaranteed circuit training. 

In addition to these core classes, there is also Yoga, BODYBALANCE, as well as SOMA MOVE. SOMA MOVE is a fantastic Swedish concept that focuses on smoothing your connective tissue by combining athletic ability with soft stretches. Go ahead and try them all. Find your favorite. But you don’t just have to pick one, vary your workout — your body will love you for it.

At PWR.8 Studio, we don’t compete against other fitness centers or home workouts. No, our biggest competitor is the hustle and bustle of the everyday. It could be deadlines at work, juggling the family and friends, mental blocks, or maybe even a new relationship. It’s when we’re stuck in a rut that training becomes a burden; something that just has to get done. But we’re not buying it. At Power House, we want to raise the bar so that the workout experience becomes something completely different. Our ambition is to inspire you to take responsibility for your own body. We support you to do what it takes to make you feel healthy while having fun. Our aim is to make sure you’re happy when you come in the door. And happier – and perhaps a little short of breath – every time we say goodbye.

It’s never too late to start. And remember: you never regret a workout. We’re looking forward to you becoming a part of PWR.8 Studio.