FCM ready for the match

After six stressful hours at the airport, the team are ready to play and win in Europe.

Mihullmann will play their first match in the Europa League on Thursday evening, but they did not get the coveted trip to Austria.

You know this from the summer break, before the trip south.

Arriving at the airport, dropping off your luggage, and crossing your fingers that neither queues nor cancellations will put off the joy.

The professional footballers of the Mityulland football club had little to worry about when they arrived at Billund airport on Wednesday morning. A chartered private plane was to take them to Austria for Thursday's Europa League match against Sturm Graz.

The central Jutlanders did not have it so easy, having had to test their patience at the airport for six hours after a series of problems. It was not until late on Wednesday evening that they arrived at their hotel in Austria, where captain Erik Sviatchenko and company.

- There were some things that went wrong, then some more, and then it went completely wrong," Svyatchenko tells DR Sporten.


  • Sturm Graz, Austria
  • Lazio, Italy
  • Feyenoord, Netherlands
  • FC Midtjylland, Denmark

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The first flight was canceled on a short flight because the doors wouldn't close. The company that was to transport last season's Danish silver medallists had bought two new planes, but when the players and staff were on board one, there was too much fuel.

- We were told we couldn't go as planned and then a few hours went by. We sat around, had some fun and a sandwich and got to know each other a bit," says Erik Svyatchenko.

A fuel problem meant that FC Mytjylland's luggage would not arrive by van until Thursday morning. Although this is later than expected, after all, it is still before the first game of this year's Europa League group stage.

"We should have a good result."

Midtjylland had no dream of starting the season in the national league. After eight rounds, Mithiederne is in eighth place in Super League 3F and has just two wins.

Most recently, they lost 2-0 at home to AAB.

"Therefore, the Europa League is an opportunity to kick-start the season, so it's all about getting a result against Sturm Graz," says Eric Sviatchenko. Even if Wednesday doesn't go the way they might have dreamt beforehand.

- There's nothing we can do about it. The earlier we put it down, the better. Now we must move on to something we can do something with," says captain Sviatchenko.

Although the Danish cup holders now probably know every corner of the departure hall in Billund, they nevertheless made their way to Austria with an opportunity to train on Wednesday evening. Here, newly arrived Spanish head coach Albert Capellas also had the opportunity to gather the players and talk about something other than card games and Klovn, which Erik Sviatchenko got to watch.

It's all about football so far, top scorer Anders Dreyer stresses, although the six-hour wait would certainly have pleased the players.

- The airport in Billund is not very interesting. Now we know we are here and it is now about playing football," he says.

- We must win and take home a good result. Hopefully, we will be back home sooner than here.

The Europa League match between Sturm Graz and Mityelland takes place on Thursday at 21:00.

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