Launching a home boiler room and regulations

Having a home boiler room is not only comfort, but also a big responsibility. The obvious fact is that its creation requires the adjustment of a number of legal norms that will prevent possible accidents. If you want to know which rules you need to follow, you need to refer to the building legislation. Boiler room in an individual house - introduction
A boiler room is a room in which there is a boiler room with various installations for house heating and water. Sometimes it is also a place to store fuel, but it is recommended to equip a separate warehouse for this purpose. The most important recipe, without which you cannot build a home boiler room, is that it should be located in a separate room. Other factors largely depend on what type of fuel the boiler is powered by. According to him, the law establishes: the area of ​​the boiler house,
ventilation method,
Provisions regarding the installation of a domestic boiler room can be found in the Regulations on Technical Conditions and in the standard PN-87/V- 02411.Gas boiler room - regulations
Gas boilers with a closed combustion chamber, in which concentric air ducts-chimneys are installed, do not have to be located in separate rooms. However, they must be well ventilated (volume not less than 6.5 m3). Gas boilers with an open combustion chamber must be installed in separate boiler rooms - they can be located in an apartment building, provided that their power does not exceed 30 kW, and the volume in such a room is at least 8 m 3. Boilers over 30 kW must be installed in an apartment 2.2 m high and equipped with a fire door.
The use of liquefied petroleum gas excludes the installation of a boiler in the basement. The presence of wells is also not recommended. On the outer wall, at floor level, there must be a special hole through which the gas can escape in the event of an accident. Oil-fired boiler room - rules
hour). There should also be a window that can be opened. If the dimensions of the oil tank do not exceed 1 m 3 , it can be stored in the boiler (distance: min. 1 m). Larger containers may be outdoors (above ground or underground) or elsewhere. It is also important to install fire doors and watertight thresholds. Solid fuel boiler room - regulation
Air exchange in a solid fuel boiler room here should take place using forced ventilation, which has special parameters. The floor must have a non-combustible drain. The fuel storage place should be near the boiler room. A boiler with a capacity of 10 kW must have a cubature of at least 30 m 3, a boiler with a capacity of less than 25 kW requires an underground room with a height of at least 2.2 m. The boiler room must have opening windows, while the door must be non-combustible and without a handle - opens by pressing. They must also be upholstered with sheet metal. This, of course, does not exhaust all the standards that are required when arranging a boiler room, but, of course, includes the most important recommendations. To install the boiler, it is best to contact a company that understands this, and if you want to do it yourself, you need to check with building legislation. Looking for a decent bookmaker in India? Go to ! Here you will find nice bonuses for registration, a wide list of events and the best odds