Personal Training

Want to get more out of your training? Have you considered personal training?

At PWR.8 studio, we specialise in giving the best possible personal training for anyone wanting it, for whatever reason. So whether it’s for support with your overall fitness, weight loss, strength gain or any other reason, we are ready to help.

We are passionate about helping people reach their physical goals — but also recognise that mental development is just as important. That’s why we help our clients become their own experts, as well as creating persistent motivation that comes from within.

Our personal training team is well educated in the industry and have many years of experience behind them. That’s how we are able to help a huge range of clients with their individual wants and needs.

Do you want to lose weight? Or do you want to grow muscles and get stronger? Are you looking to take your training to the next level? Or do you simply want more energy and a healthier lifestyle? At Powerhouse, we can support you with whatever goal you have – whether you are an experienced gym junkie or it’s your first day inside of one.

At PWR.8 Studio, we focus on the personal side of personal training. Here, a personal trainer is not just somebody you meet in the gym a few times during the week. A personal trainer is someone who supports you in meeting your goals and plans your workout based on your body, your ambitions and your needs. Our trainers are personal coaches you can always contact and who follow your personal development – from day one onwards.

Please contact us at if you are interested in taking the next step with your fitness.



1-on-1 training

Personal trainer (internationally approved PT education and over 2 years of experience with personal training)

  • 1 hour personal training – 900 DKK
  • 10 hours personal training – 8,000 DKK

Group training (max 3 people)

Personal trainer (internationally approved PT education and over 2 years of experience with personal training)

  • 1 hour personal training – 1,300 DKK
  • 10 hours personal training – 12,000 DKK

POWER PACKAGE — 3-month start-up program for new members:

Having a healthy and strong body requires an active choice of an active lifestyle. Countless books have been written about changing habits and at Powerhouse, we know it takes time.

Are you looking to kickstart a new lifestyle, weight loss, retrain after an injury or build muscle mass? Then we can tell you that 2-3 weekly workouts for three months is a great way to create lasting results.

If you have a fitness goal you want to achieve, our Power Package might be what you’re looking for.  For this program, we set a realistic goal for the development of your health and fitness over the course of three months. Your coach will then plan a tailor-made program for you so that you reach your goals in the best possible way.

Before starting and during the program, you will be measured and weighed. We will also work to inspire and motivate you to make healthy choices in your daily diet and other habits that can affect your health.

Personal trainer, level 2 (internationally approved PT education and over 2 years of experience with personal training)

30 hours personal training incl. start-up meeting, Powerhouse bag and PWR.8 t-shirt — 21,500 DKK (can be paid in 2 installments)