Create A Happier You Club La Santa

Join Team Power House for Club La Santa and get a boost of energy, joy and training motivation.

What is the recipe for a healthy positive life? Our starting point is that everyone is happy, but when you meet new people, learn and try new things, then this new awareness can provide a breeding ground for small changes in everyday life, which can make you a little happier than you might have been yesterday. Many exciting scientific studies have been done on how exercise and positivity affect our health and psyche positively.

We welcome you to this active event week at Club La Santa, where we will challenge you to feel what it does to your body and your health when you think positively and move your body at the same time. Based on positive psychology and different training, we have put together a varied program where everyone can participate regardless of gender, age, level or ambition. Our philosophy with training the body is that variation is the key and you will therefore be challenged with everything from strength, cardio to mobility, stretching, core, dancing and fun social active activities. All classes will be different as we want to inspire you to maybe try new forms of exercise.

In addition, there will be several shorter talks / lectures, among others. around positive psychology and simple inspiration to become a little bit happier than you might have been yesterday. It must be fun to be healthy! Create A Happier You week is a 7-day active holiday in the sun at Club La Santa on Lanzarote. We have put together an inspiring program with lots of varied activities and training every day. Our experienced instructors will teach you everything from Reformer / Pilates, TRX, Dance, Power Barre, Soma Move mobility training, Bodyflow, Ariel / Yoga, Burn & Build, Mindfulness and in addition there will be Bike rides on Mountainbike, Kayaking, Stand up Paddleboard / SUP, Paddleboard tennis, running and aqua training as well as inspiring lectures.


You get further free access to Club La Santa´s more than 40 fitness facilities, but you can also just choose to relax in the sun by the pool. You are free to choose in the apartment category you want? And if you are traveling alone but want to stay with someone else, this can be arranged. If you are in doubt about what to choose, you are very welcome to contact us for further guidance. Included in the price are flight, apartment, participation fee We look forward to seeing you at Club La Santa.


You book the trip directly via Club La Santa either via their website or by calling Club La Santa on 76 50 04 00 or by sending an email to

Remember to tell them that you want to participate in Create A Happier You and remember the name, telephone number, address and e-mail of all the participants if you need to book several people in the same order. If you are traveling alone but want to stay with someone else, Club La Santa can arrange this for you.

PRICES: From DKK 8,700 per person

WHEN: March 15 to March 21, 2024