What types of radiation are dangerous

Today, there is probably a microwave oven in every home. Also, a lot of people have cell phones and computers. But all these devices give a certain electromagnetic radiation. And probably many people are very interested in what types of radiation are dangerous. Let's try to figure it out.To begin with, it is worth noting that the safe rate of electromagnetic radiation is approximately 10 microwatts per 1 sq.cm. The radiation of a microwave oven working, but plugged into an outlet, the oven gives out about 0.09 both from the front and back walls. If the device is turned on, then at a distance of about 5 cm from the door, the radiation is 12-15 MW. At a distance of 0.5 m, the radiation is about 1 MW. Thus, when you warm up the food, you are at a distance of 50 cm from the working appliance and then you are not in danger.Cell phones with mobile phones, the situation is not unambiguous. Some doctors claim that the radiation from this popular device is dangerous to health, while others claim that there is no danger. In one of the releases of the program About the most important thing, the presenters conducted an experiment. The same number of eggs was placed in 2 incubators - 20 pieces. But they put a cell phone in one of them, which rang every 10 minutes. After the expiration of the prescribed period (3 weeks), chickens hatched from the eggs. In the incubator, where there was no phone, 16 chicks hatched, in the second group 11, i.e. almost 1.5 times less. The result is generally on the face. Therefore, women who are expecting a child are not recommended to use mobile phones. Radiation from it can really negatively affect the growth and development of the fetus. In general, until it is clear for sure whether the mobile phone is harmful or not, it is better for pregnant women to take precautions and use a headset. Due to this, the radiation power to which a person is exposed drops by about 10 times and "chat" on the phone no more than a quarter of an hour a day.High-voltage power lines may pass through the power lines of some people near dachas, or even houses may be located under them. In fact, such a neighborhood is really not safe. Because the lines are high-voltage, the radiation level is also high. And the constant exposure of radiation to the human hypothalamus can cause a variety of diseases of the endocrine system and can cause cancer.As you can see, there is a danger, but it can be minimized. Remember this and be healthy. Təəccüblüdür ki, əksər oyunçular kazinonun varlığını unudaraq idman mərcləri haqqında yazırlar 1 win sizə daha çox pulsuz pul verə bilər - əsas odur ki, pul qazanacağınız düzgün strategiyanı seçin